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How to Worry Less: Tips from the Oldest (and Wisest) Americans

Over the course of six years, I’ve conducted studies designed to tap the practical wisdom for living of the oldest Americans. Using a nationally representative survey and in-depth interviews, I invited older people (mostly age 70 and above) to tell me what younger people should do – and not do – to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Continue reading

Letter From a Child: Don’t Be Realistic!

Imagine you received this letter from a child:


I will become a president.

I know … I know.

You’re thinking I’m a naive kid. Continue reading

Why You’re Only Getting Better with Age

We safely heed this warning, but as the years pass and we don’t see the ultra-rapid decline we expect, we begin to ask ourselves if there’s any truth to the belief that we peak when we’re young. A little bit of psychological research gives us the answer we’re looking for Continue reading

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Old Man Socks & the Wisdom of ‘Becoming Nobody’

“You spent the first half of your life becoming somebody.  Now you can work on becoming nobody, which is really somebody.  For when you become nobody there is no tension, no pretense, no one trying to be anyone or anything.  … Continue reading