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7 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Lose Weight, Stress Less And Discover Your Joy

Mindfulness has been a tool to enable me to step off the treadmill of life and live in the moment. While it remains a work in progress, the effects are life-changing.

What is mindfulness? It is a way of being. Jon Kabat Zinn describes it as ‘paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally’.

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Want Motivation On Weight Loss? 5 Tips

Most advice you’ll hear about how to get motivated and keep motivated when losing weight (or for any other goal in life actually), will teach you to rely on your will power for the support you need.

You’ve heard it all, right? And did any of the advice work? r

The 5 Signs Your Diet Plan Will Last

If you’re ever going to achieve your ideal weight, you’re going to have to develop a diet plan that you can do “forever.” Of course, people often get excited when they first start a new diet plan, but this excitement often wanes within a few weeks.

They say “success leaves clues;” people who consistently follow their diet plan have several things in common. I’ve written this article as a way to identify the signs of a good diet plan. r