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4 Keys To Self-empowerment by Living the Examined Life

Our world is rapidly changing and often presents obstacles and events that other generations have not experienced nor learned to cope with. r

How To Create More Powerful Beliefs

We believe them intellectually or rationally, and we believe them subconsciously or emotionally. When the two types of belief are in alignment, it’s easy to take action and move towards our goals. However, when there is disagreement between the two types of belief, we feel stuck and unmotivated, we procrastinate, and feel uncomfortable and stressed. r

less is more

The Myth of More: Why It Won’t Make You Happier

As you’ve probably experienced in your own life, though, simply having more doesn’t tend to make you any happier. If you’ve ever received a pay raise – only to end up increasing your spending too – you’ll know that if you aren’t satisfied on $40,000 you’re unlikely to be satisfied on $50,000 r


Why “Free” Costs You a Lot More Than You Think

Did the word “free” in the title grab your attention?

We live in the internet age, where we’re growing more and more accustomed to getting things for free. Whether it’s information from blogs and online newspapers, services like email and Twitter, or images, videos and music tracks, it’s all free and it’s there for the taking.

The problem is, “free” could be costing you a lot more than you think. r


What Really Matters To You?

In an average day, how much real, quality time do you spend with your family? How much time do you spend on your own growth and development as a person? How much time do you spend in religious or spiritual observance (if relevant to you)? How much time do you spend actively taking care of your health, both mental and physical? r