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7 Reasons You Need to Plan a Mental Getaway

Every person on the planet needs time to “recharge their battery”. Work got you stressed? No alone time? Here are signs that you need a mental break. r

10 Ways You Can Make The Vacation Magic Last

Have you ever returned from vacation and wish you could just go back to the land from which you just visited? Did you ponder over the act of frantically trying to change your plane tickets and extend your stay? r

Don’t Be Part of the “No Vacation Nation”

The US is known for being the “No Vacation Nation”. Not only do we get less vacation time that many other countries, we are more likely not to use the vacation time we have. Nearly ½ billion vacation days go unused each year in the US! r

3 Steps to Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation

The concept of “taking a vacation” has been around our entire lifetime. We’re so accustomed to speaking about vacation in terms of days or weeks. Some people get two weeks a year, while others get four. r

5 Ways to Get Peace of Mind So You Can Really Unwind

Whether you enjoy relaxing by the beach, skiing down the slopes or testing your golf game, it’s important to make time occasionally to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Easier said than done, right? With appointments, deadlines, and demands of your time, it’s easy to forget what it means to take a breather. r

Day 44: Why You Should Play Hooky (And How to Keep From Getting Caught!)

But lots of us have a hard time asking for a day off. We feel weak, or perhaps ungrateful, or maybe we’re just scared we’ll lose our jobs, if we say we need a mental health day. So, sometimes, the best policy might be to lie. In other words, play hooky.

Now for the morally pure among you, you might be thinking, I shouldn’t lie to my boss. r