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How To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

One of the reasons people don’t do what they know they really want to do is because they’re afraid to feel the fear, the pain, or the general feeling of nervousness that goes hand-in-hand with achieving success. r

Uncomfortable, Unknown, Unfamiliar –Are They Bad Words?

Whatever the answer, especially if it makes you feel un-comfortable(!) – this is the thing with which you have a semantic reaction.

You literally cannot mention some subjects with some people. Ask someone who has been really, really hurt and betrayed to talk about ‘love’ or ‘commitment’ or ‘trust’- and get out of the way of the flying pans! r

Limiting Beliefs

How to Beat the Plague of Limiting Beliefs

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that limiting beliefs are, well… limiting. Duh, right? Well, they’re not just limiting. They ruin lives. They keep us from being authentic and living the way we really want to live. There … r