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7 Tools to Radically Transform Your Life

Over the last 5 years I’ve made some radical improvements in my life. I’ve reached my financial goals, found an amazing life partner, built confidence, and become much happier.

How did I do all this? r

3 Ways To Accept Your Life

In all these not-so-happy words there is only one important thing missing and that is acceptance. We are always on the get go, we want to change everything we want to fix things, we wish to bring transformation. r

Pattern Trap

Breaking Free From the Pattern Trap

Taking responsibility for her life and changing it for the better was something Jill took seriously. She tried hard. She practiced positive thinking, the law of attraction, visualization, goal setting, yoga – and she prayed and meditated regularly for abundance. Yet after enthusiastic initial successes, something unseen seemed to pull her back into her “de-ja-vu all over again”. r

Lessons of Transformation in Groundhog Day

Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago I was contacted about a personal growth book based on the movie “Groundhog Day”. Although I was a bit skeptical of a book based on a movie, “Groundhog Day” is a great movie and … r