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How to Practice the Art of Acknowledgement

Welcome to the art of acknowledgment. Like much art in our society, this art is at high risk of not being taught, practiced, and valued in our criticize-’em-now culture. That has to change.

Acknowledgment is one of the secret ingredients to motivating human behavior. I think its lack is one reason our lives become lackluster. Since we need everything we do to shine more than ever, it’s time to relearn and practice this simple skill. r

Thank You, Steve

Every blog I write, read or edit is on my Mac.

PickTheBrain thanks you, Steve Jobs. r

3 Power Tricks To Supercharge Your Day With Gratitude

Yet, if you want to connect with your true power, your subconscious, or spirit, taking the time to simply say thank you is a GAME CHANGER.

If you don’t believe me, try one of these 3 power tricks to supercharge your day with gratitude. r

Letter From The Editor: We’re Still Beautiful on the Inside…

…but thanks to you, we’re now a little prettier on the outside, too. Wanted to thank you again for all of the notes and comments on our 2 design choices a couple of weeks back and hope you like the … r