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Simple Practical Things You Can Do To Take Control Of Your Thoughts

We hear it all the time, “Our thoughts control our actions” but it often goes misunderstood. We believe our thoughts think us and we don’t have a choice but we do. We have made it a habit to follow every thought to completion because of this belief. It doesn’t have to be this way and here are some simple things you can do change that belief. r

5 Steps to Handle Yourself Around Controlling People

To be in control is a good thing. To be controlling is not. There is a big difference.

One who is too controlling is in fact so out of control they lose everything in their grasp. r

Day 45: Your Life, Your Rules. Here’s How To Make Sure You’re The Boss

It’s true, they aren’t the boss of you. You are. Making sure you stay the boss will keep you cool, confident and more capable of living the life you deserve to live.

You can establish strong expectations for who you want to be by providing your life with guidelines and sticking to the parameters you set. r