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4 Times Tom Hanks Totally Made Us Re-Evaluate Our Attitude Towards Life

Here are some perfect pick-me-up visual treats from Tom Hanks on days where you’ve lost all enthusiasm and feel like being a potato is your only purpose in life. r

surviving depression

How Meditation Can Help Cope With Depression And Addiction

Meditation has changed my life. Some people start meditating for self-development; others see it as a way to relax. r

The One Thing You Must Know To Get Through ANYTHING

We accept our experience not because we want it, but because it is already here. Shauna Shapiro

Somehow, an idea has come about in the world of self-help that we should enjoy the adversities that life brings our way.

Embrace your fears. r

Losing Someone Close To You – 5 Things You Can Learn From It

So care for yourself more, and watch out for your own well-being. That’s not to say that you should become a self-centered person, but do a check on what’s important for you. Dive deep into your innermost feelings, rather than always having to appease the world. r