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How to Read Like a CEO Without Breaking a Sweat: 47 Books a Year

  “I read a book one day and my whole life changed” – Orhan Pamuk Yes, it’s true. You can a read like a CEO without breaking a sweat. And I know this because I do it. And it’s easy. … r

6 Unusual Traits Successful People Can Have in Common

Many successful people including entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson and boxing legend turned spokesperson George Foreman both left school to pursue their careers. r

7 Things Successful People Do Differently to Reach Their Dreams

It’s inspiring to envision the future and to set dreams and goals for things we hope to achieve. But then there’s the question of how to turn those dreams into reality. r

5 Key Traits Super Successful People Share

What is it about the super successful that differentiates them from the rest of us? Without a doubt, luck and God-given talent play a big part, but surely there’s more to the equation than just that? r