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7 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Happiness and Success

As long as we don’t change our thoughts, we spin on a downward spiral..

Conscious thoughts leading towards a goal in life, and taming the ‘monkey mind’ (as the Buddhists say) are the key to happiness and success. r

reaching goal

5 Reasons Why Finding Your Passion is Important

“ Chase your passion and the money will come. Chase money and you will never find your passion” r

9 Reasons Why That Person You Gossip About is Happier Than You

“Big people come up with ideas. Average people talk about things. Little people talk about others.”

That person you gossip so much about is the big person. He’s busy being his own person and doing his thing. He is growing. He is happy. r

Ignorance, the Surprising Key to Your Success

The type of ignorance you should embrace is not the self-induced ignorance you used to see on Jerry Springer.

Instead, it is based on an acceptance and understanding of reality. r

4 Timeless Ways to Boost Your Intelligence

Although intelligence means something different to everyone, psychologists and scientists have tried to pin it down to just our IQ, as if a number can be representative of our entire mind. r

To be successful you have to define what success is.

Seeking Success? 8 Things You Must Forget About

All of these people had to forget about things that might have limited them or blocked their success. And here are the 8 things that you, too, must forget about. r