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Poor Social Skills

You Won’t Get Anywhere With Poor Social Skills

You can get pretty far in life without being smart. Just look at George W. Bush. You won’t, however, get anywhere worthwhile possessing poor social skills. One reason is that social skills can’t be outsourced (although I would like to … r

StumbleUpon revokes Top Stumbler status for submitting pages from Digg and Reddit

Well, the StumbleUpon community has read my post on how to become a top user and started discussing my tactics.

Also, I’ve been taken off the Top Stumbler page. I haven’t received a notice but I’m inclined to believe the events are connected. It will be interesting to see how my StumbleUpon traffic is affected. r

Use Social Media Arbitrage to Drive Traffic with StumbleUpon

Everyone knows social media sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. IF you can get on the front page.

The problem is that most submissions drop like an anvil through the new queue without getting more than one or two votes.

I can’t tell you how to become a power user on Digg or Reddit. I’ve had some luck with those sites but no consistent success, and I have a feeling it takes more effort and social networking than most webmasters want to do.