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How to Pick Yourself Up After a Failure

No one likes to fail. Whether it’s at work, at home, or in another area of your life, failure is painful – and it can also be costly in terms of time, money, or both.

But failure is a normal part of life. If you never, ever suffer a failure, then you’re probably not pushing yourself to your full potential. Often, it’s only through failure that we eventually meet with success.

Here’s how to pick yourself up after you’ve failed: Continue reading

The Strength to Overcome

It’s up to you how your new life begins. Are you going to lay on the floor or are you going to get up and take back what belongs to you? I can’t promise you it will be easy. I can’t promise you that you won’t cry, feel pain, or want to give up. However, I can promise you that doing nothing won’t solve the problem. Continue reading

The 3 Lessons and 3 Responses that Strengthen Self Confidence

SELF-CONFIDENCE TAKES PLACE IN OUR MIND by LIVING THROUGH EXPERIENCES and LEARNING FROM them. It is our ability to KNOW with CERTAINTY, that we can COPE with life circumstances and ADAPT relatively effectively, while at the same time ENJOYING our life’s progress.

It is important to always remember that WE CAN BLOCK our self-confidence by misusing the GIFT OF OUR MIND. We harm ourself with our memories of the past if we don’t learn from them, and from our relentless desires in the future if we don’t manage them. Continue reading

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

It’s just one of those days, right? You’re sitting there with a big to-do list and no motivation to get started.

This happens to all of us from time to time. Such a day can struck with no warning. Sometimes even immediately after a highly productive day.

… So now what? What to do to save it and get some work done despite the adversity? Continue reading

How to Beat the Fear of The Unknown

But the fear of the unknown leaves them in a frozen status.

They are afraid of entering and exploring the new ground, because they think they might get in trouble. They are afraid of losing what they already have by jumping into the unknown. Continue reading

The Power of Effortless Living

. Everyone knows life isn’t effortless, that getting things done and achieving anything worthwhile requires hard work, time and a lot of effort. Success costs, and people who become successful without paying are either cheats, crooks or just lucky. Continue reading