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3 Tips To Stop Making Excuses and Start Getting Spiritual

Have you ever considered doing something “spiritual,” like a yoga class or meditating, but didn’t because you don’t think of yourself as “that kinda person?” r

7 Science-Backed Books About Spirituality That Will Change Your Life

These days, it seems like there’s a new spirituality book that comes out almost every other day. The problem with some of these so-called “spirituality” books, is that they only make sense to the author… because more often than not, these types of books are filled to the brim with enough pseudo-science and psycho-babble to shoot a sci-fi film. r

5 Ways To Feel More Spiritually Connected

While I’ve spent more time than most (it is my job, after all) strengthening my Spirit connection, what I’ve come to understand after communicating with enlightened spiritual beings for over a decade now is that I’m no different from you. r

15 Simple Ways to Put Meaning Back into Your Life

Instead of going through life without meaning only struggling to survive, stop along the way and begin to notice things around you, begin doing things because you want to do them not because you have to. r

5 Ways Spirituality Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

If you grew up in a zealously religious home practicing a strict faith, you might run from religion like your hair is on fire.

You may also run away from spirituality like you’ve seen a zombie if you associate spirituality with ganja-smoking Reggae singers at a Rastafarian concert.

You don’t even want to hear the word meditation as you live in the modern world, far removed from the remote mountains of the Himalayas and have no plans of entering a monastery. r

Life Is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

This famous saying from John Lennon reflects a paradox in our lives. Many of us would like to have a peaceful ride, enjoy the present moment, yet we can’t help but make future plans so we feel secure, or we spend time digging on past hurts. Lennon doesn’t say we shouldn’t make plans, but that the true experience of being alive is beyond those plans, and “happens” to us. r