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Why You Need To Find Your Purpose

By far the greatest way to create meaning in your life is to fulfill your deepest inner drive; your purpose. This is your one obligation in life. Your purpose is what you have been put on this earth to do – the reason why you were born into this world. Continue reading

How To Create More Powerful Beliefs

We believe them intellectually or rationally, and we believe them subconsciously or emotionally. When the two types of belief are in alignment, it’s easy to take action and move towards our goals. However, when there is disagreement between the two types of belief, we feel stuck and unmotivated, we procrastinate, and feel uncomfortable and stressed. Continue reading

5 Great Places To Do Soul Searching

Sometimes it helps to put some effort into soul searching or personal planning to really flush out our life goals as well as overall purpose. But the never ending distractions of the office as well as at home (noise from kids, TV, music, etc.) can be quite restricting to the quiet time needed for such inner reflection. Continue reading