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3 Reasons We Should Embrace Solitude

I don’t just enjoy alone time nowadays, I celebrate it. I’m not a complete recluse, don’t get me wrong, I have a strong support network which I deeply value, but I do feel as though I thrive in isolation.Here are 3 reasons why I believe we should all embrace solitude from time to time.

The Twin Paths to Self Esteem – Solitude and Relationship

There is no simple answer to this mystery for those who, as a child, have been significantly neglected, (not loved at all, or not enough), abused, (if one wanted to be generously callous about this cruelty, in opposition to neglect it would be called overstimulation), or loved too much (spoiled by being treated as royalty, often expressed in learning the cost of everything but the value of nothing.) Not to mention those with disabilities; another whole topic. r

4 Simple Prescriptions to Deal with Loneliness

As loneliness is often described as a negative emotion, people feel as blue as they are supposed to be, while experiencing it. They feel empty inside, they walk hollow all the way, and they live with a shadowed face and spirit. Loneliness has become a common flu of the modern society. So how does one fix it to reinvigorate their health and happiness? r

Seeking Solitude: 17 Ways to Find Time for Yourself

Photos by Giampaolo Macorig and Jillhudgins. In today’s world we have loneliness, but rarely solitude. Western culture tends to portray anyone who wants solitude as being anti-social or unhappy. But, as I’d like to argue, getting more time by yourself … r