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How to Unleash Total Confidence From Inside of You

So you want to feel confidence that’s running through every vein? The type of confidence that brings out the absolute best in you? That inner voice that makes heads turn, the looks that make people shut up, or the suggestion that makes people nod. You want the kind of confidence that when you walk into a room and own it. r

5 Things I Learned As An Angry, Introverted Individual

People around me may see me as weird, or even crazy considering the different things I do. Truly, I tend to isolate myself, especially when the anger feels overwhelming.

It’s okay though. I don’t expect them to understand, and sometimes, that’s the way I like it r

I think I can, I think I can: How I Motivate Myself to Get on Stage Each Night

I have a paralyzing fear of public speaking, which is rarely an asset in stand-up comedy. It’s a fear that kept me from trying something I always wanted to do. After nearly 12 years of ignoring my desire to try stand-comedy, six months ago I decided I was done letting a fear determine who I was. Since then I have been on stage just short of 90 times and each time I wrestle my fears. r

6 Ways to Destroy Nervousness

However, sometimes the negative association we have with being nervous can actually prevent us from raising ourselves to new levels. One solution is to reduce the intensity of your nervousness so that it does not limit you from reaching your potential. r

Shy Person's Guide

The Shy Person’s Guide to Talking to Strangers

One of the easiest ways to improve your networking ability and invigorate your social life is to develop the skill of talking to strangers.

We’re trained as children to fear strangers (which is good for safety reasons) but most people carry this fear into adulthood where it does more harm than good. It becomes a constraint on the number of people you can meet and interact with. You get stuck in a box, only open to creating new relationships through people you already know. r