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being productive

How to Make a Schedule You Can Stick To

In day to day working life, though, we tend to find ourselves struggling to stick to self-imposed schedules. One or two things overrun; emails and phone calls come in; our boss dumps an urgent task on u r

Time Organization

How to Stay Productive When You Make Your Own Schedule

Studying for exams, freelance contracts or working on bigger projects can mean freedom with your schedule. But it can also mean procrastination, stress from deadlines and an organizing nightmare. Working on your own schedule can be easier. However, there are … r

Productivite Calendars

The Key to Productivity: Schedule Calibration

Do you know when to stop? With thousands of articles about combating procrastination, I’ve seen few that deal with the reciprocal problem: not knowing when to stop working. Surprisingly I believe both procrastination and working until exhaustion are symptoms of … r