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Why Happiness Comes Before Success

You might already know dopamine is the “happiness” hormone; it’s release in the body is caused by positive emotions, laughter, good food, and things of that nature. r

5 Ways You Can Be Happy NOW Without Changing a Thing

For the longest time I struggled with being happy and content because I didn’t think I was thin, rich, or successful enough. r

The One Question That Could Change Your Life

Asking yourself what you deserve gives you a clearer roadmap of where you want to go — your destination. Once you can see your destination, it’s much easier to identify what you need to do get there — your path. r

What Do You Really Want? And How To Get It!

Have you ever wondered what you really want out of life? Do you know what you want to achieve? Is it family, success, long life, lots of money, all of the above? Have you even asked yourself the question? And if you did ask yourself, didn’t you just as quickly forget about it? r

Are you Choosing your Circumstances? Or are you a Victim of them?

Have you noticed how different something feels when it’s your choice, versus when it seems forced upon you?

It’s a popular phenomenon in psychology, actually. When we think we chose an option of our own free will we like it much better than if it was given to us without our input. r

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Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness? Let’s Fix That With 7 Easy Steps

Once you view things in your life in a more optimistic and positive fashion, facing the everyday challenges is easier. The best way to do this is to feel more gratitude in what you already have.

We like to complain about our everyday events and situations too often, but this is counter-productive. r