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Why Working Out for Just 30 Minutes Will Make You Happier

You’ve heard it before: Regular exercise can do wonders for both your body and mind.

On paper, working out regularly sounds like a fantastic idea. You’ll look better and feel better; you’ll become a new person. But life gets in the way — job, family, sleep, etc. r

5 Common Characteristics of Ineffective People

This is also true of ineffective people. If you want to start reaching for the stars and realizing all your dreams you need to drop the habits that are leading to daily ineffectiveness.

Perhaps you may not realize that you are suffering from ineffectiveness but either way you’ll soon find out as below are the 5 characteristics of ineffective people: r

Coincidences, Synchronicity, and Serendipity

The Other Side of Productivity: Coincidences, Synchronicity, and Serendipity

“We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Many books, articles and blog posts have been written on the subject of productivity. Many of these contain great … r

Hostile Environment

Productivity in a Hostile Environment

Do your friends, spouse or significant other think interest in productivity is silly, pointless or a waste of time? Then you need help being productive in a hostile environment. The corner of the internet occupied by personal productivity blogs and … r