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12 Steps to Unleashing the Power of your Dreams into Your Waking Life

If at first you do not dream on command, don’t worry, just keep persisting. One night you will dream something and you will need your pencil and pad to note it down.

Sometimes we dream about debris from an over full mind that does not warrant much attention. And sometimes we dream about really significant thoughts and feelings that have been repressed and seek the clarity of consciousness.

Working with your dreams is a skill that can be developed by practicing. r

7 Steps to Making Your Dream Come True

And yet, most of us never move a muscle. We feel compelled to pursue our goals but can’t seem to get past the compulsion. Our hearts are filled with wishes and dreams, but our feet are paralyzed with uncertainty. Great, we have a dream! What do we do with it? r

Are You a Realist?

As my brain scrambled to make sense of what was happening I heard him say one final thing before the meeting came to a close and I was suddenly out in the cold, both figuratively and literally, r

The Case for Being Negative

We’ve all heard it. “Be positive” they say. “Focus on the good in life” they explain.
“Think, you could be in a much worse situation so you should be thankful for what you have” they command. Well, screw that. I say, forget being positive…being negative has its own virtues. r


How To Make A Dream Reality: Fear vs. Courage

The truth is that fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

This step prepares you to overcome fear, and gather up the courage to write your dream plan and to build your Dream Plan Book. r


Reclaim Your Dreams, It’s Time to Come Alive

Image courtesy of Shutter Hack Have you settled for less in your life, when you used to dream that something bigger, something grander, was possible? Not only possible, but you knew for certain it would happen, didn’t you? Then something … r