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How to Succeed by Quitting

“I just feel so trapped! We need the money.” I was terrified. I had spent ten years being a lawyer, and many years before that striving to be exactly where I was. Well, maybe not striving to be crying in … r

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4 Ways to Keep Going When You’re about to Give Up

If you are feeling like you are about to give up you should draw strength from the fact that all of your role models and idols went through the same thing during their tough times. r


5 Strategies When You Feel Like Giving Up

Whether you have a specific goal that you’re trying to achieve or whether just getting through the day in one piece is your aim, we all have days when we just feel like giving up. We want to go back to bed, not speak to anyone and wallow. r

5 Things You Can Learn By Quitting Your Job

99,9% of corporate employees, at one time or another, think about leaving their jobs. Their dream may be to start a company, travel the world, write a novel, learn Japanese, meditate in an ashram, train for a marathon, study philosophy, lower their golf handicap, paint a masterpiece or star in a porno, but the first step is always the same: get the hell out of this job. My co-blogger and I felt much the same way about a year ago, and ended up leaving our consulting jobs to start our own company and blog, and in general to pursue a more balanced lifestyle. We now feel it’s our obligation to share what we’ve learned so far outside the cubicle: r