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Public Speaking Mastery

9 Secrets that helped me Overcome my Fear of Public Speaking (And Address an Audience of 3,000 People)

Fear of public speaking is real. But just like I did, anybody can overcome it too. r

Train Yourself for Success

Just like a boxer, we, too come face to face with many opponents in the arena of life—problems and difficulties. The bad news is, we don’t really know when our bouts with these opponents occur—no posters and promotional TV commercials; no pre-fight Press Conference and weigh in to make sure that we measure up to our opponent; and there is no Pay Per View coverage. r

Day 73:How to Be Prepared For Life: The Ultimate Guide

The truth is, there is absolutely no way to prep anybody on how to explicitly deal with every possible life event that could conceivably happen. Instead, the trick is to come to an understanding that everything works out in the end and there is nothing that could happen to you that you can’t find a way to deal with. r

Day 82:Warning: Is Your Plan B Holding You Back?

They tell themselves that if the thing they planned to do doesn’t work out, it’s okay, they have another option. But how often does that safety net do more harm than good? How often does Plan B mean you’re not committing fully to your Plan A? r