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How Your Thoughts Create Your Brain

Of course you know that your thoughts are generated by your brain. But you may not have considered that in many very real ways, your thoughts create your brain, too. Let’s see how this can be so. r

How to Create a Powerful Motivating Resource

How many new thoughts and new skills can you learn over a lifetime? What number would you give it?

Invisible Forces: An Exploration in Irrational Behavior by Rational People

Believe it or not, I actually owned a small amount of Netscape stock right after it went public in the mid ‘90s. I watched in awe as the price soared and my little investment doubled in value. I felt like a wall street warrior and marveled at my investment prowess. Wall Street was mine for the taking and nothing was going to stop me. r

Leisure Time

How to Fill Leisure Time Intelligently and Some Powerful Reasons You Should

This post explains why you should fill leisure intelligently and some tips for how you can do it. r