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How To Be Liked By Everyone

As easy as it may seem for some, not everyone is able to socialize and make friends. You’d think as we age, it may get easier, but for some it’s a real problem. They just plain don’t know what to do or how to act around unfamiliar people.

For some, it might not even be about self-confidence. They simply lack the knowledge in the practical steps they must take in order to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Continue reading

The 5 Ultimate Ways To Make People Like You

Making people like you is the first step to making long lasting relationships, and long lasting relationships are what bring you happiness and success. For this one reason I personally work on this certain idea religiously, and can quite confidently say that I have finally figured out how to make “any” person almost instantly like me. Continue reading


How To Leverage Your Regrets

“No regrets!” It’s a popular stance to take, an uber-cool Hollywood cliché – but I don’t buy it. Just sounds like they’re kidding themselves to me. Ask yourself this: can you honestly say that you have never done anything that … Continue reading