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Can Pets Really Enhance Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Can Pets Really Enhance Mental Health and Wellbeing?

It’s thought that about 450 million people worldwide have a mental health problem and, closer to home, one in four British adults will experience some sort of mental disorder each year – with depression and anxiety the most widespread. r

How To Honestly Determine If You Should Become A Pet Owner

As you may already know, having pets at home can be very positive to your well-being. You probably noticed that your friends who have pets are generally very cheerful when around their animals or even when they just talk about them. This makes you want to become a pet owner as well but before you take that leap, you must find out if your lifestyle is really suitable to become a pet owner in the first place. r

Happiness You Can Actually Buy: The Power of a Pet

When you look at that photo and caption, you just could not help but put on a huge smile and if you are already a dog owner as I have been since 1979, you will also be nodding your head in agreement. Whoever came up with that idea with this full page is a real genius, and here’s why: r