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How To Come Together To Heal Our World

It seems every week we hear about a terrorist attack somewhere in our world (including home grown terrorists), or see news clips on active shooters in public places. How do these acts of violence make you feel? r

How a Simple Formula for Resolving Problems and Conflict can Change Your Reality

Have a nagging problem you cannot solve in your personal or professional life? Imagine a simple mnemonic system to aid in your process to resolving problems and conflicts. r

Overextended? 6 Signs You Need a Break

“To overextend yourself is to invite defeat.” – G. William Domhoff

We all know the feeling, we have too much to do and too little time, and soon we begin to feel like a piñata at our six year olds birthday party, battered and flung in every direction. r

Finding Peace, Self-Love, Freedom and Purpose: The New Celebration of Life

Have you ever wondered or questioned yourself what is the altruistic meaning of life? The notion of underlining what is really the essence of your own purpose in the role of play on this planet? r

Four Steps To Resolving Conflict

How can you avoid these types of interactions? There are four simple and effective ways to successfully deal with a situation before it can turn into a major conflict. r

Seek Inner Peace And Master The Lesson Of Life

This saying by Gautama Buddha illustrates the true essence of peace. No matter which walk of life you are involved in, it is important to seek inner peace as it shall set the tone for success. r