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3 Things You Can Do Today To Be a Leader

To be a leader today is challenging, we get distracted by phones, news and even relationships. Want to be a better leader? Check out these three tips! r

Decision Making

Decision Making For The 21st Century

Traditional decision making processes and models are falling behind the fast pace of this new century, both for individuals and organizations.  Many of us are aware of this situation, but are feeling lost without a new approach to make good … r

Why It’s Not Selfish to Put Yourself First

One piece of advice that I’ve come across in the writings of several life coaches is that we should act in our own best interests. My initial reaction to this is to feel uncomfortable – like most people, I worry that I’m being selfish if I put myself first. r

Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life

To be happy we need continuous growth. The best way to grow is life long education. This doesn’t mean you need to pursue a doctorate or spend 2 hours reading every day. r