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5 Ways To Think Yourself Beautiful

As I have worked to redesign my physical appearance, I’ve discovered five important steps in the process of thinking yourself beautiful r

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5-Step Process for Dealing with Negative Thoughts

You can say the right thing, when you think the wrong thing. You can act positive in the face of negative thoughts. r

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15 Quotes to Help You Smash Negative Thinking!

It’s a crazy, vicious cycle. That’s why I think it’s good to simply listen, absorb and be inspired by what the world can offer you. That’s how you’d be blessed with different insights all together.

Here are 15 quotes to help you smash negative thinking r

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7 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can be a habit of mind. Thoughts sink in and linger there until you take action to get rid of them. r

The Power of Negative Thinking

“The Power of Negative Thinking” is a less widely known concept. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it at all. Yet, it’s an incredibly important concept to understand for your happiness, and the happiness of everyone in your life. r