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7 Reasons Why People Who Play Music Are More Likely To Be Successful

Whether they only played music in high school or continue to play it today, a lot of successful people have gone through the process of learning to play an instrument. r

5 Ways To Feel More Spiritually Connected

While I’ve spent more time than most (it is my job, after all) strengthening my Spirit connection, what I’ve come to understand after communicating with enlightened spiritual beings for over a decade now is that I’m no different from you. r

Lessons We Can Learn From 10 Inspiring Songs of All Time

Songs and their lyrics evoke emotions. Inspiring songs perk us up when everything seems gloomy, remind us that we are beautiful no matter what others say, and motivate us when there seems to be no way out. Here are excerpts from the 10 best inspiring songs of all time and their key messages. r

How Music Can Change Your Life

Most people intuitively know that listening to music when they are feeling down or depressed can bolster their spirits. However recent research studies have shown that music, especially certain tones can clinically reduce stress. r

Focus Better by Listening to Music

An article about how music can improve focus and concentration. r