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5 Keys to Successful Living

Today I want to talk about five keys that will help you live a successful life. These are five keys that I’ve learned over the years from studying successful people. These lessons separate those who succeed from those who fail. r


How to Create the Habit of Daily Meditation

“I would love to start meditating daily, but I can never seem to find the time. After I get home from work, I have dinner, one thing leads to another, and I never get to meditate; any suggestions?”

I want to answer the above question in this particular article. However, let me begin by defining “meditation.” After I define meditation, I’ll explain the benefits of daily meditation as well as how you can easily form this very important habit. r


10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

A few years ago my grandfather died from prostate cancer. It was a very sad time in my life…it all happened so quickly. Shortly after he passed I began to research ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

This article is based on my research as well as the latest scientific studies; it lists 10 ways in which you can reduce your risk of getting cancer. r

The 5 Signs Your Diet Plan Will Last

If you’re ever going to achieve your ideal weight, you’re going to have to develop a diet plan that you can do “forever.” Of course, people often get excited when they first start a new diet plan, but this excitement often wanes within a few weeks.

They say “success leaves clues;” people who consistently follow their diet plan have several things in common. I’ve written this article as a way to identify the signs of a good diet plan. r

becoming great

How to Become Great

We’d find people who discovered their talent and then showcased that talent to the world in a “new” and creative way.

Most of the people we’d find wouldn’t be doing anything “new.” They would be doing something that’s been done before, in a “new” and unique way. r


The Path to Success

Your days are like elevators; they either take you closer to or further away from your goals.

If you’re constantly moving in the direction of your goal with momentum, it is self-evident that the goal will eventually be achieved; it’s only a matter of time. r