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How to Motivate a Group

Yes, but being a team leader means leaving your unawake ego at the door and leading your empowered ego to join your team. If you have the opportunity to help move a project along, you do it; you don’t worry about whose responsibility it is. Your role is to monitor the well being of the entire group and help whenever possible. r

If You’ve Never Failed, You’ve Never Lived

While it’s fine to build your skills on failures, it’s also important to enhance your soul through accepting your emotions as you have them. Avoid letting the ego take over to make them any more than they were supposed to be. Experiences breed growth and we crave them bring us joy at a soul level. r


Better Because…

For over 25 years, we climbed the corporate ladder in Fortune 100 companies like Best Buy and General Electric and were fortunate to attend top-rated training and executive leadership programs. After leaving behind our corporate lives, we realized that these same tools we used to achieve success in business also worked just as well for life in general.

So we’ve picked the best of what we learned along the way – from executive coaches, close friends and family – and have decided to share it with the world at large. r

6 Traits that Separate Winners from Whiners

Big or small, unexpected events will happen. You can not avoid them, you can only control how you respond to them. It is in those critical moments after the unexpected occurs that ultimately determine your long term success. Think about it: anyone can do well when everything is going great. What separates people who succeed (the Winners) from those who don’t and just complain about it (the Whiners) is how well they respond to life’s inevitable curveballs. r


Motivation Is All That Matters In Language Learning

When we talk about learning a foreign language, we often talk about different methods, if you should go to school or not and how much time is ideal to spend on the target language each day. Of course, those are interesting questions to ask, but I think they’re not as important as one thing: motivation. r

How To Develop Motivation in Your Everyday Life

A motivational article. Personal development, maximizing your potential, goals setting, motivating yourself for the better – these are some of the inter-related things that you need to work on as an individual. Here, we will set our sights on the many ways that you can develop motivation in life. r