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5 Ways to Stay Awake Using Your Face

The reason why the facial nerve is a great way to wake yourself up is because it’s accessible and rooted close to your brain stem. r

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12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

There are SO MANY tips on how to get better sleep. Mattresses, light exposure, daytime activities, the food we eat, exercise, sleep position, supplements – you get the picture. r

10 Ways To Get More Energy Throughout The Day

Up until about two years ago, I used to have a big problem with energy. I had intense mood swings caused by intense fatigue and the sluggishness KILLED me. Then came the day where I just lost it.. I just could not live like that anymore! I searched and searched for answers. Finally I found some. Below is the top 10 solutions I have found. I know they are simple, but guess what? Simple works! r

Yoga For Office Workers – How it can Enhance Your Working Experience

Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular exercise as it’s gentle, and work wonders for office workers who are prone to stress, poor circulation, RSIs and low fitness levels. Another benefit of yoga is that it can easily fit into the busiest of schedules. Just 20 minutes of yoga a day can uplift your mood and reinvigorate your body. r

Day 2: This is The Best Way To Lose That Lethargic Feeling Once and For All!

As adults, we tend to burn the candle at both ends, thinking we’re three years old, with an endless supply of energy. We stay up late, work hard, go to bed at irregular hours, and eat on the run. And then we wonder why we can barely crawl out of bed most mornings, let alone hit the ground running. r