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7 Reasons To Meditate

Do you always feel tired, stressed, and angry? Are you impulsive and can`t seem to stop snapping at people for the wrong reasons? If you say Yes, then you have to meditate more often. Why You Must Meditate Meditation is … r

Why You Should Break The Rules of Mindfulness

Believing that mindfulness or meditation practice needs to be formal and structured is a trap. r

Brilliant Brain: How to Energize Your Brain Fast

I love to light up my brain.

A simple breathing exercise and a mantra let me do it anywhere, anytime.

What’s really great is that I get relaxed at the same time. r

Young Brain

Keeping Your Brain Young

Alzheimer’s and Dementia are two of the cruelest diseases known and the ones that frighten me the most. I can’t imagine what it’s like to slowly slip into a fog and not remember where you are, who you are or … r