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6 Ways to Love Yourself, For Better Mental Health

To really battle our behaviour, we need to start by learning to love ourselves. Here are 6 important suggestions to really help you love yourself, unconditionally: r

I Am Not Perfect (and why that’s OK)

In this blog I wish to address one of the biggest causes of failure in the world today. I am calling it the I-AM-NOT-PERFECT syndrome! r

5 Reasons Not to Accept Yourself As You Are

Should you love yourself as you are? Yes. Should you accept yourself as you are? Maybe not. Here are 5 reasons that you shouldn’t accept yourself as you are: r

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Self-Commitments

Things such as verbal agreements, mental contracts, and self-commitments. Basically, whatever you’ve agreed to do, that’s a contract. And more specifically, let’s talk about those self-commitments, which I find especially vital. r

5 Easy Ways to Love Who You See in the Mirror

Below are the 5 things that I believe, got me to a point where I love the person that I see in the mirror. r