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Are You Postponing Your Life Until Tomorrow? 8 Ways to Start Living NOW

There is nothing worse than looking back at life with regret. But if we keep walking the road of constant procrastination, this outcome is guaranteed.

It’s not too late to make the necessary changes.

Start living now. r

Simple Life

Living With Less: 8 Reasons to Embrace the Simple Life

Being able to acquire bigger and better things in life is not making us any happier. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that our happiness levels peaked in 1957. According to David Wann, co-author of Affluenza: The All … r


Is Your Work Getting in the Way of Your Life?

Despite improving living standards and wages, there is a growing phenomenon of people becoming addicted to working. The workaholic becomes obsessed with work leaving little time and energy for anything else in life. To rely on work for all aspects … r