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To be successful you have to define what success is.

Seeking Success? 8 Things You Must Forget About

All of these people had to forget about things that might have limited them or blocked their success. And here are the 8 things that you, too, must forget about. r

Want To Get Things Done? Write It Down

Each of them seems to have a gadget that you can integrate into your web browser or into an iGoogle page so that you can see your to do list at regular intervals as you work at your computer.

If it’s so convenient, why can’t I recommend some such system? r

5 Reasons to Avoid Lists (& 1 Reason to Read Them)

Have you ever noticed how common lists are? Why does it seem that almost every blogger in the blogosphere churns out list after list after list? How many times do we need to read “12 Ways to Have a Great Day”? What if you didn’t read this list? Would you still be able to have a great day? What if you spent the two minutes it took to read this list and simply made a list of your own? r