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Lazy Panda

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Not Being Lazy

Simple because laziness is a habit. That’s right, it’s nothing else than a certain way of living that has been programmed into our brains. r

Are You Guilty of Procrastination (Without Even Realizing It)?

We all know what procrastination is. And perhaps you think it’s not something you struggle with at all.

I certainly used to feel that way. As a student, I had no problem getting my essays in on time. In my first job after college, I found it easy to stay focused during the work-day. r

Are You Taking a Much-Needed Break – Or Just Being Lazy?

No-one can work effectively for hours at a stretch – especially on tasks which require a lot of mental energy (like writing, planning strategy, designing, and anything involving creativity).

So you need to take breaks. r


Bounce Back From These 3 Causes of Laziness

Everyone can get into a rut. What starts as one day where you don’t get much done, can turn into a week or two. Avoiding these streaks of laziness is the best solution, but what can you do when you’re … r