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Working in peace. (c) Office Now on Flickr

How To Stay Sane in Your High Pressure Job

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter some stress at work, but sometimes the pressures of work mount to worryingly high levels. r

11 Warning Signs That Your Job Owns You (Without You Knowing It)

If You’re An Employee, Your Job Probably Owns You

Let’s be honest, as much as we want to be defined by our family, friends, hopes, and dreams, in the real world we are largely defined by what we do for a living. That’s nothing new. r


Being Stuck

I believe my issues surrounding “patience” are based on the fact that I didn’t enjoy my work. It gave me little in return for a lot of hours of hard work, commuting and stress. It paid the bills and developed my skill set, but the work was incredibly dull for me. r

Money Myths That Stop You From Making Big Money: Myth 2


This is one incredible money-myth whopper.

How long has the job been in existence? A hundred years, perhaps? The job creates a false sense of security, but also that of indentured servitude. r

Hate Your Job? Here’s the Solution…

Breaking news! Most Americans don’t like their jobs. The results of a new Conference Board study show 55% of Americans are dissatisfied with their work, which was the lowest level ever recorded in more than 22 years of studying the issue. Is it just me, or are these results completely NOT shocking? r

Abusive Boss and Irritating Co-Workers

6 Ways to Cope with an Abusive Boss and Irritating Co-Workers

Difficult people are a fact of life. At home you can avoid them by surrounding yourself with agreeable people, but in the work place most of us don’t have that luxury. While your natural tendency may be to avoid them … r