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How To Still Make 2017 Your Standout Year

I think a lot about making this year better than the last. But lately, something’s hit me. What about making the year better than – the next one, and the one after that, and so on? After all, if all … r

Letter From The Editor

I’d like to thank all of our loyal readers and writers for sticking with us as the site has gone through a slightly inactive period. Being an avid reader of PTB for some time, when the opportunity arose to revitalize the blog, it was with great pleasure that I accepted the position of Editorial Director. PickTheBrain.com is one of the highest quality, most respected Self-Improvement sites on the web, due in equal parts to it’s valuable, practical and inspiring content and the incredible community of users that continue to support it so enthusiastically! r

Internet Disinhibition

The Dangers and Delights of Internet Disinhibition

Have you ever entered a chatroom and found yourself sharing things (that you could never discuss face to face) with a bunch of strangers? Have you ever poured your soul out on your blog, writing about your deepest fears, most powerful dreams, or secret shames? Have you ever stayed up long into the night, chatting to people online – without even knowing their real names, ages, genders or anything about them? r

What does it take to become an Internet Millionaire?

I’ve decided to enter a contest to become The Next Internet Millionaire. Basically, it’s an online reality show where contestants complete for $25,000 and the opportunity to do a joint venture with internet marketing legend Joel Comm. Check out my … r

5 Reasons the Internet has Become the Ideal Creative Medium

1. Collaboration – Because of the internet collaboration is possible between individuals in opposite corners of the globe. The increased sharing of ideas and information speeds up the creative process and results in better, faster, more innovative ideas. The collective human intelligence is overclocked like never before. r