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5 Unhealthy Narratives That Will Sabotage Your Life

You’re waiting for the train. You see that the CEO of a major company is standing next to you on the platform. To pass the time before the next train arrives, they engage you in conversation. “Tell me about yourself,” they ask. How would you communicate the essence of who you are in such a short amount of time? r

Wheeze, Clunk! Is Your Inner Dashboard Blinking?

I need more sleep. But I still need to drink and nap. So how do I hear my signals that my inner car is not functioning optimally? They may not be as clear as a blinking light but you can learn to recognize your specific icons. r

57 Things Your Inner Critic Needs To Hear You Say (Especially # 3)

On a cognitive level you know this, yet on an emotional level, you hold onto this voice, allowing your inner critic to win nearly every time.

This voice tears at your self confidence and passes judgment on your every move. r