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Boring is a State of Mind: How Curiosity Diminishes Monotony

I believe this principle applies, not only to making things, but also to experiencing things. Just as there is a muse for creativity, there is also a muse for curiosity. r

The Art of Imagination

How often do you hear about someone who’s “full of it?” or pretty much crazy?

And what do you think of when you hear that?

Most people often just think the person, who’s full of it is someone who talks a lot of nonsense or worse, a liar.

But you know something?

Being crazy or full of it is a powerful trait which I want to share with you all because I know it can help you guys out. r

Learning How To Fly – Lucid Dreaming Style

The second part involves visualization. You’re going to visualize a dream that you typically have. It should be one that you’re familiar with. Imagine yourself realizing that you’re dreaming within that dream. Try to feel what it would be like to become lucid. What would you do once you achieve lucidity? r

Shut the Duck Up

We all have a voice inside our head that chatters to us constantly about the day-to-day situations we find ourselves in. It’s one of the three primary ways that we interpret external data by constructing conversations internally with ourselves. Although … r