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Want To Turn Your Life Around? Ask Yourself These 3 Important Questions

Want to Turn You Life Around? Ask Yourself These 3 Important Questions

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ―Voltaire

We all want the approval of others and will do whatever it takes to get that approval. r

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30 Thoughts to Keep You Positive

Positivity can be kept throughout the whole year and once you get used to this attitude towards life, you’ll become much more contented with who you are and the way things turn out. r

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3 Tips for Finding Positivity in an Endlessly Negative Workplace

These are extremely positive things and things to be praised. Now, along with long hours at work, dealing with difficult projects, and collaborating with new people, one of the most difficult aspects of the working world is staying positive when everyone around you is endlessly negative. This is not to say that things will always be negative at work or even that negativity will happen at all, but if it does, negativity can be extremely detrimental to your success and happiness at work. r

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5 Ways to Stay Positive Every Day

Their works, though published decades apart, all promote positive thinking as a fundamental aspect of personal growth.

It makes sense: optimism keeps you happy, provides the energy to overcome challenges and is attractive to others. This is something countless successful people, from Winston Churchill to Will Smith, have talked about. r

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Do You Have an “ANT” Infestation? How to Deal with Automatic Negative Thoughts

How do you deal with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs?

Are you aware of your self-talk and thinking patterns?

Many people suffer from an ANT infestation, which stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts. r


How to Rock Your Mornings (Every Day)

you got up on time, you ate breakfast – but somehow, you end up spending your morning sorting out emails, struggling with little problems, and failing to focus on what really matters.

Here’s how to rock your mornings, every single day: r