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Marriage and Money: Don’t let Finances Ruin your Relationship

In my own marriage, money issues started really early on in our relationship. Being very young and without any sort of savings, my new husband surprised me with a brand new mountain bike for my birthday. r

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Big Dollar Savings: Let Your Holidays Be Pocket-Friendly This Time

The objective of it was to save the hassles of the last-minute-pinch and also to save as many dollars as possible. r

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Eco-Friendly House Is Healthy House

If you want to apply budget-friendly and eco-sustainable house (re)decoration methods, get on the green train and find out how to keep your house in order and the nature around you unharmed. r

Day 64: Six Ways to Spend With Purpose and Safeguard Your Future

The key to safeguarding our financial futures is becoming aware of exactly how we spend out money – and how we waste it.
Learn to spend with a purpose and you’ll find that it’s easier to save money for the future and feel more at ease with our finances. r

Day 90: Start A Nest Egg: How To Protect Your Future Now!

Saving money is a good way to take care of ourselves. As a bonus, it forces us to spend less and think more carefully about how we spend and what we consume. r

Reduce Your Spending or Increase Your Income: What Should You Do?

If you know you’re wasting money on things which you don’t need and which don’t really bring you any pleasure, then by all means cut down your spending. But if you feel there’s no slack left in your budget, start looking at ways to increase your income too. r