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Eliminate loneliness

Eliminate Loneliness in 4 Easy Steps

You want to eliminate loneliness from your life, right? You want amazing friends to hike with. You want to be invited for Sunday Funday brunches. Heck, you’d even be down with a spontaneous weekend to Vegas with the boys! But … r

9 Signs You're Fooled by Arrogance

9 Signs You’re Fooled by Arrogance

Do you remember the famous fable of the tortoise and the hare? They were having a race and the hare was obviously everybody’s favorite for champion. But because of silly arrogance, the hare ended up losing to the tortoise and … r

How To Start Conversations And Make Friends

If you’ve been reading a lot of articles on how to make friends that tell you to start conversations, be more outgoing, and be yourself, and you’re not getting the results you want, I’m writing this because I found myself in the same situation seven years ago, and I had no idea how to make friends, or how to build relationships and take things from the “acquaintances” stage, and I’d like to share with you what I learned in this article. r

Day 69: Don’t Do These 6 Things When Trying to Make Friends – Especially Number 1!

It took several years, lots of trial and error, and a bit of finding myself, but I eventually figured out how to make friends. First, I had to unlearn the habits, actions, and beliefs which had been holding me back. r


How To Make Friends Easy

I believe we all want fulfilling relationships with other people. Which is why most of us have the desire to be very smooth socially and to make friends easy. However, there are few people who are naturally this way. r