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5 Reasons Meditation Inevitably Improves Your Relationship

A lot of people know that meditating has quite a few health benefits. Only a few people know that meditation has the power to improve your relationship. r

The Anatomy Of Open-Mindedness

To answer these questions it’s important to understand what open-mindedness means and to consider the factors that can impede open-mindedness. r

Day 63: How to Make People Love You When You’re Not Around – Be A VIP!

Be positive (or at least entertaining). Nobody wants to be around someone who is always miserable. Be cheerful, or at least be entertaining or interesting, and people can’t help but think highly of you.

There is no set of instructions to make ALL people love you, of course. But adopting some of these ideas into your relationships could improve not just the lives of others, but your life as well. r

The Pillars of a Solid Friendship

A deep and lasting friendship takes time to build. That is why we should start early with people whom we feel are worth it. r