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Public Speaking Skills

7 Typical Life Situations When You Will Need Public Speaking Skills

We all know the feeling—that moment when your heart races along a racetrack of nerves because you need to speak to the public. The audience, whether one dozen people or one thousand, can seem intimidating. r

5 Tips for Becoming a More Confident Public Speaker

I’m not 100% calm right before I do public speaking these days, but the amount of nervousness I feel is manageable enough that I can still get up and do it. So what changed? r

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5 Serious Pointers in Adding Humor to Your Speech

And it’s something that we all want to achieve – having the perfect dash of laughter to bring flavor to our speech. r

The 3 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

“Front of the Room” confidence is important for managers, teachers, civic leaders, and others whose work requires speaking to groups. It can even be one of the keys to being perceived as a leader by others. One’s credibility is enhanced and one’s career can be advanced by being good and looking good in front of the room.

This confidence is rooted in having something to say, being organized, and knowing the audience. Many people struggle with these challenges especially when there is not much time to prepare. r

Let Go of Your Fears: Learn The Art of Public Speaking

Later she told me that the jury liked my speech and confidence and which is why even though I exceeded my time limit, I was one of the winners. From there on, one place where I feel very confident is – stage. I participated in numerous debates, speeches, extempore competitions and won and even today I like passing my time on stage. r

Simple Steps to Make Speaking in Public a Cinch

Ah…yes, the gift of the gab. Some people are born with it, others come to it by practice. But the gift is not the ABILITY to gab, it is the ACTION of communicating r