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4 Unexpected Habits That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

Work hours and the amount of tasks you accomplish have nothing to do with productivity.

Instead, productivity is all about results. r

How To Get Motivated? 8 Ideas that Really Work

Let’s face it.

You are starring at your blank screen. But words are not effortlessly flowing out of your mind onto your screen. r

6 Ways to Stop Feeling Demotivated and Get The Work Done

We all feel it from time to time.

We feel demotivated. We know we have to do the work. We even know what to do, but we just aren’t doing it. r

7 Ways to Get Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

For most people, loosing that kind of money is more painful than taking action towards their goals. They will instantly leap into action to avoid loosing that money – and guess what else happens?

You get motivated and do the impossible to achieve your goals. r


Use Your Mind to Get You Moving: 6 Energizing Exercise Motivation Techniques

We lie! To ourselves and anyone who’ll listen. You see, part of me knew I had no intention of going for that run. Actually, I honestly love to exercise. And not just because it helps me sleep deeply and increases my energy.

I know that exercise motivation doesn’t come naturally to most people. It didn’t for me. I had to work at getting and keeping myself motivated to run, do yoga, and weight-lift.

The following tips work for me (and for many of my clients who need to exercise). I know they’ll help your exercise motivation, too. r