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Radical Self-Improvement: Stop Trying to Improve Yourself

I finally realised I’d been going about it all wrong. I’d been trying to improve myself, when I was already enough. All the fulfillment we could ever need is already inside us. r

Depression: Lost and Found

Depression is really just the killer of all things joyful and can suck all the good out of life. r

3 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

The key to this is deterring what makes you happy/feel good, so even though you’re working hard towards something, you can also have fun along the way. r

Why Punishing Ourselves Never Works the Way We Want It To

Has someone ever told you you’re not allowed to feel what you’re feeling? Maybe. Have you ever told anyone they’re not allowed to feel what they’re feeling? Perhaps. r

3 Simple Steps To Great Self Esteem

The connection between our self-esteem and what we get out of our lives is very crucial. It’s the foundation of our confidence and interactions with ourselves and the outside world.

Having esteem for ourselves plays a part in our moods, beliefs and attitudes, and the quality of relationships we have in our lives. r

The Benefits of Sleep and How You Can Get More

Have you even wondered why you just simply can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try? Or, maybe, why you feel so cranky and unproductive throughout the day? These could all be symptoms of a lack of sleep.

We sleep for a reason, not because we can but because we must r