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Four Sacred Phrases for Success (to say on repeat!)

Why do some people have successful businesses and abundant finances? Why do some companies flourish? Here is a one-sentence secret to prosperity: The root of success comes from the heart and soul. Following the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, you … r

How to Become Luckier

We could all use a little more luck in our lives. On the surface, it seems like wishful thinking to imagine there’s anything we could do to enhance that. r

Day 84: How To Be Lucky In A World Of Unlucky People

Truth is, there are plenty of things you can do to give yourself more luck, and none of them involve rabbit’s feet or voodoo. Learn to incorporate the following things in your life and you might find that luck becomes as natural as breath. r

7 Ways to Make Your Own Good Luck

When I look back at the last 45 years, I feel the greatest factor in any success I have had, as a university student, diplomat or businessman, has come mainly from being lucky. r